the month of fashion shows: Show one

September has been a busy month for the fashion Industry and also for me. Edinburgh had a whole host of fashion show events. Ranging from charity events to new innovative ideas. As September appears to be the month of fashion I decided to do what the fashionistas do (excluding the ridiculously high heels) and check out what Edinburgh had to offer on the fashion front.

After meeting a friend at a bar in town and following a super strong cocktail in town, we headed to the final catwalk show for Edinburgh Online Fashion Week (I will post later with more details once it has aired). The show took place at Quarter Mile One on level 3. The venue was new, cutting edge and the atmosphere was exciting. We both sipped champagne, and played a game of spot the designer bag/shoes while eagerly awaiting the catwalk show. Boy were we in for a treat, The ready to wear Autumn winter clothing was matched with amazing hair, amazing make-up and all in all an amazing show. Edinburgh Online fashion Week Airs from the 22nd October.

Show two is coming up in my next post.

For now and forever

J x

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