Month of Fashion Shows, show four

Phase Eight Edinburgh held an Autumn winter fashion event to raise funds for Forth ones Cash for Kids appeal. The evening took place in The Virgin Money Lounge on St Andrews Square, Edinburgh. We were welcomed to the show with a glass of bubbly and some nibbles. The event had two half’s, a fashion show and a beauty show. We entered the fashion show first, with funky seating that meant everyone could enjoy being front row we watched the ladies walk the walk.

Nice clothes, hair and make up. Clothes and shoes you could see close up and pieces that could easily fit into or transform your wardrobe. Casual wear, party wear and occasion wear. Comfortable knits, sexy skirts and stunning dresses and surprisingly something for females any age. The Fashion show was fun.

The second part of the evening was a beauty show. Elizabeth Arden explained and demonstrated the importance of skin care. Their gadget measures 5 areas of your skin I cant remember them all but it means they can perfectly tailor your skin care. pop into a counter and i’m sure the girls will be happy to demonstrate. I am yet to try my sample of skin care but will report back when I do.

I wasn’t lucky enough to win any raffle prizes but were were all lucky enough to go home with our very own goodie bag. Filled with miniature from Kiehls (newly opened in george street at the assembly rooms) and Aaran Aromatics (George street). Full detailed post coming soon.

My own little Goodie bag

I have no idea how the fashionistas manage, after 3 shows across 4 days I was knackered! I was also rapidly developing an addiction to the fizzy stuff.

for now and forever

J x

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