A little blog post about my new favourite place to eat in Edinburgh. Steak is located in Edinburghs picardy place. The place to go if you want, yes you guessed it … steak for dinner (or lunch or in fact brunch). I visited the restaurant at about 6pm on a friday evening. The warm welcome from the girls on the door lived up to my high expectations of customer service. With impressive high ceilings the feeling of intimacy was surprising, with tables far enough apart to make you feel you are the only ones dining. I was only slightly disappointed I wouldn’t get to listen into others conversations (a secret little pastime of mine). The candles and lighting made it feel cosy and relaxed. Confused by the menu I started to panic a little, so much choice and so many different kinds of steak. Confusion subsided when the waitress came over and explained all i needed to know including showing me the different cuts and explaining the best way of cooking. Menu inspected and waitress grilled by my questions, I opted for the 200g fillet black isle stake with a side of chips and asparagus. The food arrived promptly and was cooked to perfection. Full of the most tantalizing flavours and so so tender I almost didn’t need the chew.

This wonderful food comes at a price. Two of us dined and had a steak each (200g) and four sides to share, one beer, one wine and a bottle of water. The bill including tip was around £70.00. In my opinion it was worth every penny and more. A truly fantastic dining experience with great service and delicious food. If you haven’t been then get your table booked. I’m looking forward to visiting again soon.

For now and forever


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