Balance Me Skin Brightening Polish

Balance Me Skin Brightening Body Polish – Part of my Spa at home reviews

What they say: This 100% natural body scrub improves skin tone and locks in moisture. Packed full of vitamin A B and E the spearmint, coconut and sweet almond oil leave the skin hydrated without the need for moisturiser after use. (More info here )


What we say: The brightening body polish was fresh and stimulating. It left skin soft and hydrated but did feel very oily and take a while to absorb. Although the mint smell was refreshing and a good way to start the day, the oils make it more suitable as an evening treatment if you don’t like the oil residue during the day. If a mint scent is your thing you will love this.


This was the first time any of us had heard of the brand Balance Me. Despite the undeniable results this product wasn’t for me i don’t like mint smells (it really reminded me of wrigleys spearmint gum) or the oil feeling, however the other girls all said they would repurchase the product due to the mid market price point and the claims its 100% natural.


You can purchase Skin Brightening body polish here £15 for 200ml it really is a good price.

Twitter: @balancemebeauty

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