Medusa – Making me look and feel fantastic!

Back in February I was lucky enough to win a Facebook competition that was run by Medusa Hairdressing salons in Edinburgh. The prize entitled me to a complimentary cut and colour with salon director Colin McAndrew. I called the lovely Laura at the Teviot branch of Medusa to arrange my appointment – she sounded almost as excited as me! I was looking forward to my day in the salon, but couldn’t shake the niggle of nervousness I get when entrusting someone new with my hair. I have had previous experiences in a salon (which shall remain nameless) that left me disappointed in the service and disappointed in my hairstyle.

When I went into the salon I was working an ombré dip dyed effect (very trendy I’ll have you know) whilst I loved it when it was done, through time the blondness had become a bit tacky and the intentional roots had left me looking a little washed out. I was in need of an overhaul.

Before photo

Before photo

Laura (the salon manager) made me feel more than welcome when i arrived and it was great to see that the excitement I heard on our phone conversation hadn’t faltered. She took some before shots of my hair as Colin finished off his first client of the day.

I had played with the idea of completely changing my hair. Would I go shorter, darker, blonder, or would I go red? Thats right me and red. Pahhhhaaaa who was I kidding not a chance in hell i was going shorter or redder or browner but I couldn’t exactly just ask for the same as what I already had, that just wasn’t exciting enough nor did it take advantage of Colin’s position as salon director or his award for scottish colourist of the year 2011.

When I told Colin I was feeling nervous he put me at ease discussing options and understanding I didn’t want too much of a change. We decided the changes would be subtle and classy. He would tone down the blonde and add warmth to the brown, creating a brown veil that would lie over the blonde, rather than roots that blended into blonde and I even agreed to having a few inches off the length.

The colour was in and there was no going back. The words: it’s going to be to brown, it is going to be to dark! were going round and round in my head. My previous hairdressers number was on speed dial incase I left hating my hair and wanting it all blonde again. I tried to relax as the colour was developing, but no amount of tea, coffee or magazines were going to distract me. Surely is couldn’t be any worse than when I dyed my own hair peach, that’s right PEACH!

Time for the colour to come off. This was followed with a hair masque treatment and the most relaxing of head massages. So relaxing I very nearly fell asleep. (I think i managed not to drool or snore but Apologies to the lovely girl who provided the treatment if I did).

Time for the moment of truth. I look in the mirror and my initial reaction is: that cant be my hair it’s brown, i looked closer wondering is that really my hair? It’s brown and glossy! dont get me wrong the blonde underneath looks great, but the top is very brown. I immediately loved the tone of the blonde, really loved it but the brown was very dark. Ok Jade breathe, breathe and look at the whole picture… not just the dark brown (not really that dark). It looks… Well it looks good! Its my hair, its more brown, its looks good and not only does it look good but my skin looks brighter and eyes look bluer. I think… I think I like it! I think the only uncertainty I gave away in my initial show was when I asked Colin if next time I could possibly have more blonde around my face. His response was a smile and “yes of course you can. If that’s what you want” I think he knew I was going to get used to the colour and realise how much it suited my skin tone. Colin put curls through my hair before I left feeling like a princess, after being fussed over and pampered for a few hours by one of Edinburgh top hairdressers.

Top left - my hair 1 yr ago, top right - before Medusa make over,  bottom left and right - after photos

Top left – my hair 1 yr ago, top right – before Medusa make over, bottom left and right – after photos

I can’t wait to visit the salon again. There is an incredible buzz and you can’t help feeling like a VIP whilst they combat your hair and provide tea, coffee and some good chat. Not to mention the cutest little french bull dog you have ever seen, cute little coco had an army of fans coming into see her and booking appointments while they were there.

As I left the salon a sigh of relief passed over me and my hairdresser on speed dial wasn’t Needed. What was required was a box of chocolates to thank the guys that lived up to Medusa’s moto: making you look and feel fantastic. What was also required… was for me to stop looking at my reflection in every shop window and holding up the whole street.

Thank you Colin, Laura and the Teviot branch of Medusa for making me feel and look fantastic! I will see you again soon.

So what do you all think? Blonde or brunette? Have you had any hair disasters?

Medusa have 6 salons in Edinburgh, most are situated around the city centre but there is also one in Musselburgh. You can find out more about the salon on there website, Facebook or twitter pages -links below.

Colin works at Medusa Teviot on a Friday afternoon to book your appointment with him or any of the other stylist call 01312256627 And the lovely Laura will sort you an appointment.

The Medusa salon group and some of their staff have been nominated in this years INAA Scottish Hair and beauty awards! you can vote for them under the following categories:
Colin McAndrew – Male Stylist of the year
Jill Aitchison – Colourist of the year
South Clerk Street – Best Salon Design of the Year

You can cast your vote for your favourites here : INAA Vote

Twitter : @medusaedinburgh
Facebook: Medusa Hair

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