Percy & Reed hair, volumising No oil OIL for fine hair

So is it oil? Or not oil? Hmmm I’m a little confused!

Percy and Reed No Oil oil

What they say: with ingredients including violet extract, this little gem leaves hair looking: smooth, sleek, shiny and full of volume. Along side those perks it also repairs, nourishes, strengthens and provides heat protection.

What I say: I was sceptical at first, I don’t really get on well with leave in hair products – always use too much. I also find it difficult to distribute evenly through hair when using such a small amount (around 2 drops). I followed the instructions, not holding out much hope in the results, my hair seriously lacks volume due to tight cuticles (sharing my educational hair knowledge from my appointment at Medusa). I was pleasantly surprised with the results once by hair was blow dried. Shiny hair that had volume throughout – from root to tip! Not massive volume but I could definitly notice the diffrence and I am sure the results would be more impressive if I blow dried and styled properly.

Excuse my non made up face and messy room. Is it oil? Is it not Oil? To be honest I don’t really care and I can deal with my confusion when the results are this good. In my opinion it doesn’t really matter if its oil or not, it’s my magic potion for incredible hair.

If you want to try it for yourself you can find a list of stockists here it retails for around £14.00 for 60ml or hurry and pick up Aprils Glamour Magazine for a free 30ml size (or one of their other products).

Twitter: @PercyandReed

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