Atelier Paris Make-Up long lasting lip stain and Lipstick

I loved trying out Atelier Paris Make-up Long lasting lip colour in shade RW12 Petale. It retails for £19.50 and is avalible in 15 colours here.

Atelier Paris long lasting lip colour

Atelier Paris long lasting lip colour

It features a double ended tube with a matt base colour and a gloss top coat.
Each end can be used alone or both together. I love the bright coral colour, the stain lasts really well, I still had a slight tint to my lips at the end of the day. With the gloss top coat applied on top you lips totally pop with colour, the gloss coat needed topped up every couple of hours. The finished result can be seen in my vine video at the bottom of this post.

The other girls that helped me test this product really liked the colour and results of the stain and gloss. I would def recommend this lip stain to people who like a strong bold colour that lasts.

The finished look:

Atelier Paris Lipstick comes in 15 different shades. It retails for £14.50 and you can find out more and buy here.

We found the lipstick was a great toned down everyday shade, application was nice and it lasted a good length of time before drying out. Atelier describe the lipstick as: rich, smooth, nourishing and waterproof, containing 2% jojoba oil.
Atelier Paris Lipstick
I would love to see these lipsticks in bolder stronger colours – the website doesn’t give a great representation of correct shades.

More info about Atelier Paris here : Atelier Paris

Twitter: @AtelierParis

You can find links to my other Atelier Paris Make-up reviews here.

For now and forever Jx

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