Atelier Paris Make-Up

Atelier Paris Make-Up has been around for a good few years, they even have their own beauty schools in France. It’s still relatively unknown in the main stream UK make-up scene. I think those top notch make up artists have been keeping it a well kept secret. Atelier Paris do a range of items, full of bold colours and long lasting products. You can have a look at their website here – Atelier Paris.

I was sent some of their products to try out.

Their HD blush retails at £14 for 10mls. I tried out the blush in nude, it’s available in 7 colours. On first appearance the blush looks quite orangey. On my first application I applied way too much and my face resembled a well know charley and the chocolate factory character. The colour pigments are so strong and a little really does go a long way. I let some of the other girls try the HD blush at a pamper party and Yvonne (the queen of blush) gave it a thumbs up! Now I have got used to the liquid texture and know just how much is enough I really like this blush. It’s not one I would wear every day but I would def recommend it for a night out.

Atelier Paris HD Blush in Nude

Atelier Paris HD Blush in Nude

This blush is great if you want a long wearing, strong coloured blusher look. I wouldn’t recommend it to those that don’t often wear blusher.

You can find the HD Blush here

Review of Atelier Paris Long Lasting Lip Colour and lip stick.

Atelier Paris eyeshadow review

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