Balance me Polish and smooth face balm

If you have a look through my other Balance Me reviews it is clear that I am a fan of their products. They are natural, pretty and really work. I was delighted when I was sent the Polish and Smooth face balm to try. My reviews are always 100% honest and being sent something doesn’t change my honesty or sway me into saying nicer things.
Balance me beauty Cleanse and Smooth face balm
What they say: With a range of natural ingredients the balm provides a layer of skin-boosting goodness which benefits both young and more mature skins. Removing makeup and leaving skin: soft, calm, radiant, and clean. Cleanse and smooth balm removes dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal.

What we say: I took the product along to a pamper party so I could get a range of opinions. Charis really liked the texture and that it felt deep cleaning but still general on skin. Yvonne said she felt her skin was very clean but it felt a bit stripped and tight. I really like the product, I think the gel formula and small grain left my skin feeling clean and smooth. The hot cloth is a nice finishing touch and feels like a right treat. – Yvonne said it reminded her of “being on an aeroplane but in a good way!”.

I wouldn’t use this product every day but its great for once or twice a week to really treat your skin. It retails for £20 for 125ml and you can get it here : balance me cleanse and smooth.

Twitter: @balanceme
Facebook: balance me

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