Appointedd – Hair and beauty shines online.

Appointedd – Making Hair and beauty shine online

Monday the 12th August seen me meet up with some other Bloggers (Iona, Gillian, Lynsey, Laura) to head along to the launch of Appointedd. The launch took form as a networking breakfast in the uber stylish Missoni hotel.

After an initial coffee, catch up (I also got the chance to meet Sandra) and look at the new website we were welcomed to the morning by Leah Hutcheon – the lovely lady who had the brain wave idea that created Appointedd.

20130901-060146 PM.jpg

“The new site will allow the salons using its software to take guaranteed online bookings 24/7 and will give consumers access to reviews and ratings of salons in their area. Visitors to the site will also be able to access the latest deals and offers and browse the latest hair and beauty style inspirations.”

The morning was insightful and inspiring. Leah’s introduction to the concept was great and her personality kept us all engaged. Leah featured a clip from her television moment of fame in BBC the entrepreneurs. To the general public and beauty addicts Appointeddis an online stress free booking portal. To business owners Appointedd is a salon management system putting them at the centre of daily operations – this side of things went slightly over my head, from what I gathered it provides a booking system, web site, Facebook links (with the ability to book appointments of Facebook pages), a communications system for email, text etc and the ability to schedule in last minute offers if the diary looks a bit empty. Really there was way more than I could ever fit into this blog post. If you are a salon or freelancer and want to find out more please contact Leah at Appointedd for more info.

We also had an input from Social for Salons via Skype all the way from Hong Kong Bangkok (or somewhere else equally as exciting) James Econs posed and answer the question ” why social media is critical to business” the just of it is this ” 90% of people believe peer/word of mouth recommendations about experiences as oppose to 14% who believe a magazine/paid for article”. Therefor this alongside the ever growing numbers accessing facebook and twitter etc puts companies directly in a position to grow their audiences at an impressive rate, improving customer stats and client feedback. It gives companies the opportunity to keep In touch with existing clients and develop relationships with new ones. James thinks its essential to keep social media in-house. If you want more info please contact them directly.

Laura Carroll from PreZent gave a brief but equally engaging presentation about customer engagement. She focused on rewarding repeat business, making clients feel loved and the effect this has on word of mouth recommendations. PreZent’s tag line is “presenting your business at its best”. If you would like more info please contact Laura.

The morning ended with an expert panel for Q&A on the beauty industry – this included celebrity hair stylist Paolo Andreuccetti (who recently styled Rita Ora for her T in the Park appearance) and beauty blogger Andrew James.

Appointedd has something for everyone. Business owners, customers, beauty lovers. A great site to check out recommendations and book your next beauty appointment. It most certainly shines online.

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For now and forever
J x

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