Foodie Catch up – Scran and Scallie, Yummy Tori, Hewats, Salisbury Arms, Mimis, hand made burger co

A quick catch up of my recent bites over the past few months.

Scran and Scallie

I was lucky enough to grab a table for lunch at the Scran and Scallie just one day after it opening. The new venture from Tom Kitchin and Dominic Jack two of Scotland Michelin star chefs. The Scran and Scallie located in Stockbridge, is what they like to call ‘a public house with dining’ there ethos is ‘from nature to plate’ it is freshly cooked home made yummy food. We had to wait about 10 mins for a table and as the Boy stood at the bar casually chatting to Tom, I stood in awe avoiding the sudden urge to hiss at the boy “thats Tom, Tom Kitchin, ask him something cool, he is totally cool” i’m pretty sure i looked like a deluded maniac just standing grinning and thinking of something interesting to say, I never did think of anything interesting to say. Tom faded back into the kitchen and we were shown to our table. We both had 3 courses each and a couple of drinks, The total bill came in around £55, not a bad price at all considering we had two of the country’s top chefs cooking away in the kitchen! I can’t remember what the boy had for starter of main but I had Crab Claws to start, I pushed aside embarrassment and asked the waiter to crack them open for me – if I hadn’t done it would have resulted in some kind of crab claw in eye disaster. For my main I had Fish Pie (I wanted pork belly but was too late to the game), I’m sure I either entertained or horrified the whole restaurant when I came across a boiled egg in my pie (insert joke here…) nope it wasn’t because it was easter monday! It seems egg compliments fish. Who knew … Apparently most people, just … not … me! I had left just enough room for desert.
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Twitter: @scranandscallie
Web: www.

Mimis Bakery

At the moment I am averaging a visit a month to the lovely bakery by the Shore. The service is good, the cakes are a plenty and its decorated as sweetly as a dolls house. The cake choices are never ending and the savoury food menu looks just as tempting. I hear they do a mean Breakfast!

20130901-043742 PM.jpg
Twitter: @mimisbakehouse


This was a treat for the Birthday boy. OMG! The food was amaze. There were a few people eating so I didn’t want to take loads of pictures. The setting is very intimate and feels quite regal in an old scottish kind of way – I like it, it made me feel very special. We both opted for the same main course: Roasted wild boar served on a bed of black podding and potato mash alongside pork belly on a bed of greens with crawling and a yummy glaze. So tasty and well presented.
Reading down the desert menu my thoughts went something like this: I want that one, no I want that one, oh god I want that one too! BINGO a chefs selection of deserts, all of them but in miniature size! Genius idea! One happy lady!

20130901-043823 PM.jpg

Salisbury arms
This was my second visit to the Salisbury Arms. I am surprised the boy agreed to return after our first experience of slow service and slightly rude staff. Since we were viewing a possible new home close by, I convinced the boy to give what would possible be our new local another try. This time we opted for sitting in the restaurant area rather than the bar. Seated promptly – good start, served in good time – tick. Our waiting time for food a little slow but it was a busy Sunday afternoon. I had a tasty and filling mushroom soup to start, followed by a starter size pork belly and apple fritter for my main – Yum! The boy had garlic and Cheese flat bread to start, he wasn’t impressed, said it lacked flavour and was like eating dry crackers. His main was a burger and apparently it was to meaty – somebody give him a McDs! It looked lovely. Our total bill was approx £35. My bug bare with this place is than on both occasions when I’ve visited I have left without anyone saying thank you or goodbye even although staff have passed me as I’m heading out the door.

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Hand made burger company
I would regularly visit this place on more than one occasion a week just for their hazelnut milkshake. An extensive range on freshly prepared burgers, chicken, beef, veggie m m mmmmmm! Their stuffed chilli and cheese one is to die for and is the boys choice each and every time we visit. Shown to the table by happy and helpful staff you choose your burger, sides, drink and order at the counter. I’ve yet to have any complaints when visiting here ( and I’m a fussy bugger). I love that they do an option of the burger without the bun, served on a nice salad and with fresh coleslaw. They also have a handy take away menu. *if you have voucher cloud you can get a code for buy one burger get one for a pound! (voucher cloud link)

Twitter: @handmadeburger

Yummy Tori

I would like to rename this place Yummy Yummy Tori

One of my fav places to eat in Edinburgh. It’s sociable, fun and a little bit different. It’s Japanese but not as you may know it – not a single bit sushi in sight. It has a wide ranging menu and is served in tapa style. Great fun for a date night and even better for a get together with the girls for a gossip and a cocktail. The menu covers; yaki tori, Japanese style taps (think tempura veg and wasabi prawns), Ramen, miso soup, not to mention the cute and practical Lunch time bento boxes and newly launched sandwiches! A cocktail list as long as my arm (even asa child I had long arms). I’m almost certain I could dine in here every day and not get sick of the food, I know I def would never tire of the black sesame ice cream. Everyone I’ve recommended this place to has loved it. I believe it’s the only Japanese restaurant in Edinburgh that doesn’t serve sushi, with a menu like they have who’s gonna miss a bit raw fish?


20130901-043959 PM.jpg
*the service in here can sometimes be a little slow so if you are on a restricted time make sure you mention to the waiter/waitress when you arrive.

Facebook: http://www.facebook/yummytori

The filling station Edinburgh royal mile

I can’t comment on the food here. I left after spending about half an hour waiting on someone to take an order for food or even drinks. It’s an American type diner and they have a few throughout Scotland. I was in contact with the manager about my visit but still awaiting an explanation 4 weeks later.


So that’s a sum up of my foodie haunts for May/June/July/August

For now and forever

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