Lash Republic Style Selector – At the Make up & Beauty studio

On Friday evening (4th October) I spent a few hours at the new home of the Make up and Beauty Studio with Christine Alison (one of the Studios directors) and a couple of bloggers ( Leanne, Gillian and Lynne). It’s located right next door the the previous studio on West Preston Street in Edinburgh. The studio still has charming high ceilings and is on the ground floor unit of a traditional tenement. One of the treatment rooms has an original stone wall on show – it looks stunning. The photos below give you a little insight. I will be doing a future post on the Make up and Beauty studio with more details on their range of treatments.

20131008-090618 pm.jpg , the make up and beauty studio, edinburgh beauty treatments,, lash Republic

The Make up & Beauty Studio

Fridays get together was focused around False Lashes and the Lash Republic Style Selector. The Make up and Beauty Studio are the first in the UK to stock the range – pretty cool huh?

Basically all the lashes are put out on display using a clear wand with a bend – much easier to see in the photo below than to describe. This allows you to place the lashes on you lash line so you can select a style that suits. It’s always a pain buying lashes in a packet and finding they are far to big or just don’t give the volume you expected. The Style Selector solves this problem.

20131008-090632 pm.jpg lash Republic uk stockists, style selector

Lash Republic Style Selector

We all had tons of fun trying out the selection, with funky names like Manhattan Mistress and Iconic London and 20 different options we were defiantly not short on choices. I made use of Christine’s talents and asked her to select something full of volume for me to try – we opted for Lady Caviar, possibly the biggest lash available on the evening.

Lashes chosen we all settled down to try lash applicator tool. No word of a lie this is the quietest I have ever seen bloggers and I am def saving it up for pub quiz question. How do you get a room full of bloggers to shut the hell up? Give them a mirror and a set of false lashes to apply. Christine was on hand to help perfect our eyeliner application skills and assist with any wee tricky bit of trouble we had when applying. The girls all did really well! I wish I had taken a photo of us all together to show off our lashes.

20131008-090640 pm.jpg

The lashes I applied were very glam and the biggest I’ve ever worn. They went on relatively easy, I waited for the glue to dry for the right amount of time usually I try and apply too early. I really found the tool helped me it prevented the lashes sticking to my fingers and made the application more precise. One of the main things that impressed me in the range aside from them being hand made! was the durability of the glue. I applied my lashes at 10am on Saturday morning for the FABBEVENTS in Glasgow and they stayed put until I removed them at 11pm not a single bit of replying required.

If you have trouble applying Lashes, fancy trying out a new brand or just want something fun to do with the girls then why not pop along to the Make up & Beauty Studio on Saturday (12th oct) or Sunday (13th October) where Christine will be on hand to talk you through the process and give you some top tips all whilst you enjoy a glass of fizz! Go on, treat yourself, it is their UK launch after all! Always a rare treat when we get an exclusive here in Edinburgh.

You can find tickets here:
Lash Republic Uk Launch – It is on event
Which lash look will you choose? Be warned you may leave with more than one set!


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