Walk walk fashion baby! In Love with fashion Smock dress

This is my first ever fashion post on my blog! I’ve been apprehensive to post one, I’m not exactly fashion forward or adventurous, when it comes to my wardrobe safe and classic has always been my motto, black, navy, not too short, not too low. However time disappears quickly and I would hate to be old and sitting in my purple dressing gown regretting the fashion mistakes I didn’t make. I’ve decided to be bold and strong and take more chances when it comes to my wardrobe and I might just take you all along for the ride!

Love with fashion, smock dress, river island, chanel bow glasses, Tiffany beads, Marc Jacobs watch, Zara monochrome bag, Michael Kors

Green is my new black – well almost 😉

My my first outfit post features this cute (maybe still a little safe) smock dress £35 from In love with Fashion, previously I would have opted for a plain black or navy one but I am so glad I went for the green. Styled with a monochrome Zara bag – purchased way before the Michael Kors craze. Zara is def my go to place for good quality responsibly priced arm candy. Primark boots stolen from my little sister. My staple and trusted accessories: Marc Jacobs watch, Tiffany bead earrings and bracelet and my Chanel Sunglasses.

Geek glasses and smock dresses

A cheeky little pose with my sister.

You can find the Smock Dress here (love). I also have a jumpsuit from In love with Fashion that never fails to draw compliments. Their items are maybe slightly higher priced than the likes of new look, river island and H&M but the items are all made right here in Britain. I am totally loving their oriental collection.


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