High waist and laid back taste

I have still to master the art of the outfit selfie. That combined with my lack of makeup and how awful my skin is at the moment means I don’t have an actual photo of me wearing my OOTD – anyone have a miracle cure for dry skin and cold sores? Would love to hear it. Therefor I have popped all todays items in a scrapbook pic.

Next, Newlook, Zara, converse, city bag, skinny jeans, bank, scarf, flock, nude, Lana del Rey

Comfort and fluffiness

I spent ages finding the perfect jeans. I hoped to pick up a bargain Primark or Newlook pair but luck or my mans thighs weren’t on my side. These little beauties from Next fit perfectly. No jumping from a high hight or jean dancing required. They are soft enough and stretchy enough to go on with ease. The high waist means I won’t be exposing my builders bum to anyone any time soon well unless I choose to! (Quick hide the vodka) £45 ain’t a bad price for a wardrobe staple (here)

This cosy fluffy Cream cardi will see me through the dark mornings we have ahead. Snugly enough to make me feel like I’m at home even when I’m stuck at my desk. £25 New look (here)

This nude and grey baroque scarf from Bank is light enough for me to keep around my neck all day without looking like a snowman. It’s versatile enough to dress up or down and perfect for adding some detail to a plain outfit. Bank Fashion £10 (here)

If I could only have one pair of footwear for the rest of my life then it would most likely be Converse. Being a former Kurt Geiger Employee I never thought I would see the day I favoured flats god forbid trainers, over heels. I blame my fat ankles and flat feet. Children tie your laces otherwise you will end up with flat feet like mine. Not. Fun. Converse at JD sports £45 (here )

I can’t comprehend work without an oversized bag. From the moment I bought this I haven’t been parted apart from the occasional weekend, evening. The compartments are wonderful even when I can’t find my keys or lipgloss or pen or phone or in fact any of the 100 items I choose to keep in it! I would love the mini version they have but feel the city bag may take over my life so have refrained. Zara £49.99 (Here)

Don’t worry i didn’t go topless, it’s far too cold for that! I just couldn’t find a picture of my tshirt. It’s so so old. Black with nude polka dots and cost about £5 from H&M. I dig it out every now and again when my outfit needs a little cuteness.

Today was spent catching up with paper work, answering the phone and listening to Lana Del Rey Summertime Sadness. Oh and peering down at my pretty scarf and cosy cardigan.

Newlook, Bank, baroque, flock, fluffy, eyelash,

Pretty little things.


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