Vita Liberata pHenomenal tan

A few months ago I popped along to the Vita Liberata “meet the brand” VIP event at the beautiful Scotsman Hotel and spa. A firm fav with celebs and regularly featured in glossy magazines Vita Liberata was founded in Ireland around 10yrs ago. They have a wide range of products: face tan, instant tan, spray tan (available in a range of salons and spas, including the exclusive Four Seasons in France) , lotions, mousses, skin care and body makeup. All in variations to suit every skin type. Benefit have also recently become UK stockists.

I would love to take credit for the fantastic photos that follow but Most of the photos below are courtesy of Vita Liberata (I will find out the photographers details and update this). I’ve just put them into little groups.
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Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata
Alongside their festival fav tantoos Vita Liberata and most famous for their PHenomenal 2-3 week tan. I brought home a trial size in my goodie bag to sample.

This years summer holiday was possibly the first time I have managed to get a real proper suntan. Unfortunately it faded pretty quickly after my return. I had high hopes in Vita Liberata to return my holiday glow. Were their claims of “odourless, organic, Long lasting, quick drying, even fading and odourless tan” too good to be true.

I applied a coat of medium and washed off after 4.5 hours, then I reapplied as instructed. I showered the following morning and the result was a beautiful natural tan. Blue skin be gone! Hallelujah! The tan applied so easily and the light mousse absorbs almost instantly and thanks to the colour guide it stayed streak free.

My tan lasted just over a week before it started to slowly and gradually fade. The evenness of the fade is my favourite thing about this tan. It faded exactly like a holiday suntan and didn’t go patchy.

* confession time: Vita Liberata recommend you use perfume free shower gel and moisturiser to ensure the results. I didn’t moisturise nor use perfume free shower gel. Naughty naughty beauty blogger! However I was still super impressed with the results.*

Vita Liberata claim the product is odourless. Whilst it smells no where near as strong as other fake tans I wouldn’t agree that it has no smell at all. On application the scent is almost non existent but after an hour or so the light biscuit scent starts to creep in. It’s not horrible and probably not even noticeable to most but my freakish sense of smell seems to pick up on even the slightest hint.

So would I use the tan again? Yes I def would and would love to try the spray tan for a special occasion.

PHenomenal tan retails for £37.50 125ml. You can purchase it online here and also find details of local stockists here.

Twitter: @vitaliberata

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