West Port Linlithgow

I was invited along by the lovely people at DADA to enjoy the delight of the new menu at the recently refurbished West Port in Linlithgow. I hopped in the train from Edinburgh with some other lovely Scottish Bloggers. It’s was nippy outside but we were met with a warm welcome and a glass of fizz. It was a great opportunity to escape Edinburgh for the night and catch up with some lovely peeps. The menu for the evening was so scrummy! We enjoyed tempura chicken, mini burgers, seafood platters, Moroccan lamb, pulled pork, and an amazing selection of deserts! The tempura chicken, pulled pork and sticky toffee pudding where hailed as my favourites of the evening although obv not all at the same time.


The service was faultless something I very rarely say, the only thing I can complain about was that I had to leave early and still managed to have a headache the next day – sign of a good evening! We had a really fantastic night and hope to be back soon. If Linlithgow is good enough for Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel it sure is hell good enough for little old me. In fact I think Karl certainly missed out if he skipped by the West Port!

Web: http://www.westporthotel.co.uk
Twitter: @westporthotel


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