– have the mall in you hand

Winter is well and truly here and the last thing we all want to do it trapes around in the freezing cold in and out of shops, taking off soggy clothes and baring our bits in a cold changing room. All for the sake of fashion.

That my little cherubs is where Mallzee comes to the rescue. Mallzee is an online fashion app. Yeah I know you are thinking “so what?” Well the nifty little app lets you browse over 200 stores in one go, filtering results to suit your tastes and likes. When you find what you want or more than what you want you can share it with friends. It directly links with Facebook so you can Ask friends opinions in an instant, you can do this in private mail if you don’t want the girl you hate stealing your outfit! Cool huh?

I was invited along to their super stylish launch party! Ooooohhhhh! It is by far the most fashiony coolest party I have been to for a long time – my Linlithgow palace Chanel invite still seems to be missing in the post! I love the fact Mallzee is based right here In Edinburgh. Who needs London when we have a castle, a palace, a beach and a shopping mall in the palm of our hand.

It is online shopping made social without leaving the house and keeping on your onesie. What will Mallzee find you? #mallzeefoundme

I will leave you with their cute add just follow the below link.

Mallzee ad

Download the app by following the link on

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