My 2014 Must have Machines

I failed miserably at compiling a Christmas wish list so have decided to start the New year with my must have machine list. We live in a fast paced world with new developments on a daily basis. My list of machines below are the ones that I think will transform my life and totally make me amazing in 2014, well maybe not, but I do indeed really really want them! There are probably many more that I need in my life but this is the top 5. They aren’t in order it’s far to difficult for my brain to decide.

Nespresso Coffee Machine

After attending a coffee connoisseur club and the VIP opening of the Nespresso Edinburgh boutique Ive not stopped talking about how much I want one. I did think someone would get the hint and Santa would have dropped one off but nope 😦 so I have firmly placed one of their coffee Machines on my 2014 machine need list. They look so pretty and the coffee tastes so good. I have my eye firmly on a Pixi with aeroccino attachment meaning espressos in the morning and lattes in the afternoon. I’m sure I had a conversation with a Nespresso guru about the side area of the Pixi machine being made from the recycled coffee capsules – which I thought was pretty cool. Having a Nespresso machine in my life will of course make me more alert and supper efficient at everything! I will have more up soon about the Nespresso events I was at towards the end of 2013. You can find a full range of their beautiful looking machines in the below link. They currently have the added treat of a £40 or £70 voucher to spend at Nespresso when you purchase a machine. You could use it to buy some cute cups or coffee capsules.

Magnitone Pulsar

This little beauty will transform my dull skin and cellulite … Apparently. It’s a cleansing and toning system for the face and body. After a disapproving look from Laura on our recent bloggers holiday I decided 2014 is time to up my skin care routine. I moisturise and use skin care on a regular basis but am terrible for not taking my make up off. Very naughty. Although I don’t yet feel ready for an intensive anti ageing routine it is only a matter of time before my bad habits come back to bite me in my bum or show up on my face. My cellulite is and always has been pretty bad so upping my water intake and body brushing with this little tool certainly won’t do any harm. This is my answer to amazing skin and a perfectly smooth beach body. Obviously. The Magnitone Pulsar comes with different head fittings and has 3 different settings. 2014 is the year of smooth polished deep cleaned skin. You can buy the Magnitone pulsar from Boots and Look fantastic it retails for £129.99. But you can currently get you hands on it for half price yip I did say half price – £65 at Look Fantastic with free next day delivery – limited time only

I was kindly gifted a Magnitone Pulsar and will be doing a full review soon.

MacBook Pro or air

Everyone needs a little bit of Mac in their life and not just the makeup kind. The only thing stopping my urge to buy a beautiful piece of Mac is the decision that has to be made between Air or pro and also the fact my savings are for a house and not a pretty Mac. It would make everything in life easier, I will compeleat all tasks on time. Honest. Oh and it looks so pretty. John Lewis have a great selection of Mac items, they price match and offer a 2 year guarantee and are my go to place for electrical items.


I’m not sure what camera I want yet but I really want a new one. I mostly use my iPhone for photos and videos and I feel a decent camera would be a good investment. I currently have the Olympus tough one and it’s great because I can drop it, spill stuff on it, stand on it and it doesn’t break! I did some fun under water photos and videos on holiday but I’m not overly impressed with the photos it takes – probably more my skills than the camera to be honest. I would like one with a zoom lens that is fairly easy to use and makes me look like an absolute pro. I would also like a tripod and a gadget that makes it easy to transfer my photos from a camera onto my ipad. All suggestions welcome. What do you use?

Bamix Blender

I know I’m getting old because I have lusted over one of these for approx 4 years and promised myself that as soon as I have a house this is one of the first things I will buy. It will instantly transform me into a domestic goddess and culinary genius. The mixer does everything you can imagine – chops, blends, mixes (video – It also transforms semi skimmed milk into cream – No lie! So it will of course make me super skinny. Check out more details and recipes on their website. They retail at around £119.

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