A change of Name, A change of heart and a new start!

I decided that after a year and a half it’s more than time to say goodbye to diamondsandfaith.com and start a fresh chapter. It is something that has been on my mind for a while now and the name just no longer fits with me or the direction I want to go in. I had some new ideas for a name but settled on something simple that wouldn’t date. It’s not particularly individual, but it is me, It is something about me that won’t ever change.

Blogging has opened up so many doors for me from meeting great new friends, working with brands & PRs, a little bit of extra income through guest posts and generally learning a whole bunch of stuff I never knew before. I’ve been to some great events, enjoyed delicious food and yummy cocktails and got to discover loads of new places. The blogging community can get a bit of a bad rep but the people I’ve met and know have been and are nothing but lovely.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Hopefully it includes tons of the stuff mentioned above and lots lots more. A structured and organised content calendar will be in place and regular posts will include:


Mama Ali’s Recipes – My mum is a marvel in the kitchen and is a perfect muse for planning a feature around. Mama Ali can knock up a great meal and works wonders using up left overs to create something delish. Sadly I am under strict orders not to share her stick bbq/chines glaze recipe that we often have with ribs or pork belly – I might just be able to convince her if the posts go down well.

If I Was A Rich Girl – what it says on the tin. A place for me to share the things I would do if I was mega rich. Dresses, shoes, travel. A girl can but dream.

Pic of the Month – Basically my favourite pic from the past month. Simple really.

Do Something Different – We lost someone very dear to us on January the 1st. Sadly my lovely Grandad passed away. My Grandad was a wonderful man who made the most of life and enjoyed many holidays, good times and betting on the horses. I decided not to make a new years resolution that I would no doubt probably break and set myself the Goal of doing something different, at least once a month for the whole year. Its pretty ease really especially when something different could be a new drink, food, place, experience. I’m looking forward to looking back at the new things I’ve tried and thanking my granddad not only for the memories we already have together but the new ones I create that have been inspired by him.


Outfit of the Fortnight and Best Beauty Bits – both are pretty self explanatory


Rant or Rave – my opportunity to rave about what I’ve been loving or rant about what’s been getting my goat. I am probably really diplomatic and balanced but on the odd occasion my opinion gets the better of me. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my posts under these topics but debating is healthy.

And then whatever takes my fancy in-between. My current ideas include: Keeping up Appearances – to cover events or general out and about ness, review posts and any other things that don’t fall under the above categories.

Come back and join me soon.

Relaunching 1st March 2014



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