Do something Different – 1&2/12

Do Something Different – Jan & Feb

My Do Something Different posts are a monthly feature of the new things I have done. I didn’t make a New Years resolution but I did promise to do something different at least once a month. A pretty easy task if I include new cocktails, bars, foods, places etc.

I thought rather than miss out a whole month of the things I’ve done that are different I would merge January and February into one post for march.


* I bought 4 pairs of shoes or rather 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of boots (1 was a gift) from Topshop in the space of 3 days! I don’t recall this as something I have done before.

* I went to view a wedding venue with my best friend for her big day next year. The venue was a no. But the amazing cocktail with lemon sorbet was defiantly a YES! Missoni Edinburgh you do delight me.

* a double date with my best friend and her Fiancé. We have been friends for a really long time but I think this is the first time we have been out in a couple situation. Not an official double date because we are all beyond that stage but it was fun none the less. We enjoyed a visit to pizza express followed by a visit to Monteiths, I love this place. We had some lethal cocktails that looked like something my granny had made and we all felt very Scottish in our surroundings.

* a lovely walk up a part of the Pentlands that I hadn’t visited before (the entrance from Bonaly). The dog had tons of fun, so did I, until my ears began to hurt.

January Something Different



* I got to indulge in my obsession of China when the Terracotta Warrior lanterns were in town.

Terracotta Lantern Warriors

* I went along to my first day time bloggers event – #edinblog from Digitas UK and Cult Content. It was a really fab day and I totally loved the talk from bangs and a bun. Inspiring, informative and engaging. I also got to sample Horny Beer!

* I had my first ever experience of Patisserie Valerie. One word “YUM”

* I introduced a blogging content calendar and Trello to my life! hello ms organised.

Patisserie valarie, trello, edinblog, terracotta warrior lanterns

Have you done anything new or Different since the start of the year? Have you kept those resolutions you made?

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