Who run the world?

Our world is a wonderful but often unfair place. I have so many opinions on women in 21st century society, so many in fact that it is really difficult to pull them all into writing. Over sexualisation, under representation and so on, it genuinely would take me about a week to pull them all into one post. If I did it would no doubt sound like a rambling ranty mess. There are tons of lovelies who do a fantastic job at pulling the points into coherent and beautifully written and spoken pieces. Check out Holly McNish Or FBomb . I do have a little (ok maybe queen bee) in my bonnet about equal rights particularly in the work place. The Lloyds banking group have pledged to have 40% of its top 5000 jobs occupied by woman by 2020. Seriously in the 21st Century we really need companies to make pledges like this! I find this so so frustrating and also a bit insulting, surely the best person for the job should get it -a job shouldn’t be determined due to gender it should be given because or ability and hard work. If I went for a job interview and my success was determined by what sex I am I would be deeply insulted.  Ok I’m gonna stop before this becomes over ranty. Oh and the fact page 3 still bloody exists! Come on people!

Saturday 8th of march is International women’s day! us lassies are so fantastic we have a day dedicated to us. Get in. On a more serious note International Women’s Day originated in the early 1900s and on the 8th of March every year, worldwide in thousands of countries we celebrate and recognise the achievements of inspirational Women past and present. Some countries even have a national holiday – my hand is up I vote for this! International Woman’s day also serves to highlight the fight for inequalities across the globe and strives to remind us all there is so much still needing change. Without further ado and on a light hearted note in celebration of us fantastic women here are some my faves:

Gwen Stafani

At the age of 9 I longed for a polka dot dress as a sung into my hairbrush. Don’t speak by No Doubt instantly takes me back to the years before I was a teenager and I still remember admiring the classic beauty that ozzzed from Gwen. Probably my all time biggest girl crush. Effortlessly cool, hard working, inspiring and just god damn amazing. She pushes fashion boundaries and sometimes looks bloody awful but that just makes me love her more. As if she couldn’t get any better she is in the process of releasing a new shoe collection with ShoeDazzle- Yes Please! I imaging my admiration for Gwen will stay as consistent in my life as her peroxide locks are in hers. I did once attempt the peroxide hair thing. It didn’t end well. in fact it was similar to the time Amy Winehouse also tried.

Annie Lennox

A public supporter for Amnesty International, green peace, oxfam and tireless campaigner for HIV and aids awareness. Annie Lennox has confidently and compassionately addressed Politicians, leaders and the world on matters she feels strongly about. Not afraid to Take to the stage in a whole host of arenas not just to sing but to passionately campaign and highlight, she also founded the SING Campaign – an organisation dedicated to raising funds and awareness for directly women and children directly affected by HIV and Aids. http://www.annielennox.com is a great website. GO ANNIE! You well and truly rock.


Maybe a slightly controversial choice. Currently thinking about why exactly she is in my list… Still thinking. Yup finding it difficult. Ok. Madonna is in my list because I think she is original and fun. She pushes boundaries, is totally inappropriate at times and makes people ask questions- like what the hell was she thinking. Her music is not to everyone’s taste and her latter stuff probably not to many tastes. I like the fact she pushes barriers, I like the fact she’s pretty original and I even like the fact that she prances about on stage dressed like a 20 year old when she is in fact over 50! Wowza! She was a rebel from a young age and continues to play up to the role. I know every single word to every single song on most of her albums and have been known to say the words “I am actually Madonna” whilst under the influence of alcohol. I will spare you the details of the dance routine that goes hand in hand with me “actually being Madonna” but I will let you know that one of the occasions was promptly followed by me falling flat on my face. Madonna it may be a contradiction to my views on over sexualisation of women but I still love ya.

Coco Chanel

Credited with liberating women from the constraints of the corseted silhouette through beautiful couture fashion that oozes chic. Chanel’s influence also ran through collections of accessories, bags and fragrance. From humble beginnings this lady created what I would consider to be the most influential fashion house in the entire world. Miss Chanel I thank you for the Elegance, sophistication, glamour and beauty. And also my No 5 perfume.

Tracy Chapman

Tracy’s strong interest in human rights is evident throughout her music. I was introduced to her magnificent sounds from a young age and remember my mum singing along to her music when I was just a little nipper. I also have memories of my dad singing ‘talking bout a revolution’ if I remember correctly this was just after sitting on his shoulders throughout a ‘we’re no paying the poll tax’ and ‘maggie Maggie Maggie, out out out’ march in Edinburgh. I also listened to a lot of Tracy Chapman whilst at uni – inspiring music to get you through those essay deadlines. Being the first one in my family to go to uni I think some of the lyrics resonated and spurred me on to do the best I could. Cheers Tracy.

My Mum

Ah the one person I would proudly put forward as my ultimate Woman. I owe a whole lot to my mum and I’m not just talking money. My mum is the strongest and most determined person I know. She is also one of the smallest cutest people on the planet. With a kind heart and a open home she has not only been there for me and family but also my friends. I used to have moments of saying “oh god I hope I don’t end up just like my mum” or roll my eyes when people compared us. I now see it as the biggest compliment (my mum looks good! And has a bikini body that would put many 20yr olds to shame- hot mama) but I do laugh a little when I realise I sound just like her at times. I would be here all day if I listed all the things she is great at. I still joke that I don’t know what I want to work as when I grow up. I know exactly who I want to be like. When I grow up I want to be just like my mum.

I know there are many more woman who have a firm place in the history books. Many of who are more justified to be in an all time greats list (this doesn’t include my mum – she should clearly be on everyone’s list) but this is my blog and my list. It’s not full of history or amazing inspiring facts – there’s lots of other places you can find that info.

So who run the world? us fabulous ladies do of course. In reality the people who run the world are (probably) corrupt pricks and paid far too much money. However If I am escaping that reality then the ladies I mentioned above are the masters of my destiny – how fun would that be? fabulous clothes, fabulous concerts, fundraising for charity, making a statement, all of that along side the biggest amount of love and best cooked food.

a girl can dream 🙂

You may be wondering why the Lady responsible for the title of this blog post is missing. Simple really. She would have been but this happened – here. It kinda put me off including her.

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