My beaut blogging pals – Rave

I have had an amazing time since I started blogging in 2012. The highlight above and beyond anything has been the great blogger mates I have made. Bonding over cocktails, discussing hashtags, beauty buys and blog frustrations never a dull moment when my blogging beauties are around. Our ongoing facebook chat never fails to make me lol and pure comedy genius moments are created when we get together. Below is a quick round up of the great girls I have come to call friends. Who would have thought “internet friends” would be so normal – well as normal as I am. I did have a massive paragraph written about each one and then realised I sounded like a stalker (internet creep) so I have promptly deleted it all and stared again. Short and sweet Jade, short and sweet. The links are all below and you should totally check them out.

Lynne – Cocktails and Daydreams

Gillian – Elevator Musik

Laura – The Likley Lady

Kirsty – Indigo Buttons

Lynsey – Allsorts and Anecdotes

Iona – Iona Blog

Lianne – Ruby Ruby Slippers

Terri-Jane – twoninethree

Roisin – Rose Keats

Gill – Gill doesn’t blog much anymore but you can check out her youtube channel

The blogger friend that was already a friend – Leanne – Life According to Lea

Scottish Bloggers holiday

Aberfeldy fun

The blogging community often gets bad rep for being bitchy and stand offish. All of the girls I’ve mentioned and many more bloggers are super friendly, welcoming and supportive – I’d like to include myself in that statement. I still get nervous going to blogger events and generally talking about my blog but do you know what life is way too short to stay in the dark, opportunities are out there to be taken and fabulous friends are there to be making. i have a sudden urge to quote The Anchor man “stay classy” bloggers – I did try to refrain but hey. Try and treat others they way you want to be treated and the bloggersphere will continue being a wonderful place.

Have you met any great friends in unusual places? what has your experience of the blogger community been like?

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