Loreal Rose Symphony – beauty best bits

I bought this Loreal l’extraordinaire by colour riche in hope that it would be a good dupe for  my YSL   .  It is vivid pink colour and I was hoping it would be a little more coral than pink.  Its a nice gloss and lasts a couple of hours.  The fragrance and taste reminds me of the summer I spent in Ibiza drinking cocktails and watching the sun set.  I cant remember what gloss I wore on my lips back then but it could have been a Loreal one.  unfortunately is isn’t good enough to be a dupe for my YSL – it doesn’t last as long as a gloss or stain the lips as much but I would still buy it in other colours.  I think its in the shops for about £6.99 and comes in 9 colours.


Loreal colour riche rose symphony

Shade 201 Rose symphony


I now have my eye on the Loreal Glam Shine Stain Splash!


Jade x

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