50 shades of the same

Most people love it, some hate it and some have even chosen not to read it. Regardless of opinion Fifty Shades has been a popular talking point over the past months. I read it and this post is only my opinion – thousands possibly millions would disagree.

I got through the first book quickly. Turning page after page, not necessarily gripped by the content, but perhaps hoping the reach the page where the story would finally start. Yes the characters are intriguing and the book is easy to read but to me something was missing. Even although I wasn’t totally gripped I still went on to read the second book. More content and more details of story rather than just sex, i liked this better than the first installment. I downloaded the third book after I had finished. I got the the third chapter then gave up (something i don’t often do). i have no desire to read what predictable dramas or sex positions Anna and Christian go through to reach their happily ever after.

The trilogy is easy to read and has clearly captured peoples imaginations. The hype and flurry has resulted in a large number of ladies all over the world reading, perhaps something they didn’t take the time to do before. Its given us time out, time to escape the world and something a little naughty to talk about. Even although I don’t completely understand the hype i am looking forward to the movie and continue to wonder who will play the elusive Mr Grey.

I’m off to escape in my birthday gift and discover how to make my millions with Mr Duncan Bannatyne.

For now and forever