Dr Bronners Magic Soap

Dr Bronners Magic Soap (baby mild) – part of my Spa at Home Reviews

What they say: Dr Bronners magic pure castile soaps are unlike any you have ever used before. The range of gentle soaps are infused with different essential oils and a combination of coconut, jojoba, hemp and olive oil leaving skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed without being aggressive or using synthetic foaming agents, thickners or preservatives. Completely biodegradable and the bottles are made from 100% recycled materials. This multi purpose soap claims to have 18 different uses. ( dr bronner)


What we say: The 18 different uses include some which I would never dream of trying out, never mind inflict on willing volunteers, soap toothpaste anyone?… Thought not. There are a couple of gems to try out. I used the soap as a shaving lotion and loved it, no irritation like I can often get from other shaving aids and it left my skin silky smooth and glowing. We tried the baby mild non scented soap but they do offer a range of fragranced soaps . The beauty of this product being unscented means you can add your own favourite essential oil and taylor to you preferences. In all honesty the girls seemed uninspired when I pulled this bottle out the bag, it looks plain and simple and essentially it is. The uninspired faces turned to horror when I explained some of the different uses: washing clothes, washing mouth, washing body, and even as a wash for intimate parts (this is no longer recommended by the company but was an original use of the soap) nope still no enthusiasm shown. That was until I pulled the bunny out the hat tah dah! Use it as a body scrub, eyes light up and smiles on faces as I explained you could add your choice of scent and then add your choice of scrub, coffee to banish cellulite, sugar or salt to create a more thorough scrub. Teatree essential oil for invigorating, i could go on and on with combinations. Taking DIY spa to a whole new level! Due to time we have yet to try the scrubs but I couldn’t help sharing our little discovery. I will report back with results when I have them.

Oh I almost forgot the most important part, the soap retails from £1.99 here. We would all buy it again due to the bargain price and recommend it to friends for a fun experiment. Perfect for a travel essential as it can be used as travel clothing wash, body wash, shampoo etc.


Website: http://www.drbronner.co.uk
Twitter: @drbronner