Month of fashion shows, show three

Show Three was the one I was most looking forward to. An impressive invitation for a high end department store’s fashion show. Harvey Nichols Edinburgh. Billed as an exclusive fashion show in there underground car park with a sparkling reception, from the moment the invitation arrived i was eager to see what they would pull out the bag. I’ve spent many hours wandering around the store gazing at (sometimes buying) the amazing dresses and gawping at the handbags not to mention the beautifully created designer shoes. The evening of the show came and after a drama with tickets and a customer service assistant that was less than helpful we joined the line. After what seemed like five flights of going down stairs we reached the underground car park. We took our seats and waited for the show to start. The second my bottom touched the crammed in seat’s cushion I realized there was a problem… no way was I going to be able to see the shoes on the models feet. Disappointing but hey the show would go on whether I could see the shoes or not. The music was playing and the clocks were ticking. The models entered the runway one after the other with beautiful clothes and make up. The outfits were stylish, sleek and wearable,the shoes were… well i have no idea what they were. This is my favorite pic of the night.

The venue was crammed and what could have been an edgy, on trend show was for me spoiled by too many people crammed into a small space and seating that meant the only people that could appreciate the full event were those in the front row. Perhaps my expected standards of Harvey Nichols on this occasion were too high. The Clothes were fantastic, the event team were smiley, helpful and at every turn, but the venue let it down a little. Next time I will need to be quick enough to get a seat in the front row.

posing with designer sunglasses

For now and forever

J x