Pukka Herbs Ayurveda – face oil, cleanser and moisturiser

Pukka Ayurveda – Face Oil, Cleanser and Moisturiser – Part of my Spa at home review.

What they say: There are three secrets to beautiful skin – deep nourishment, active detoxification and daily rejuvenation. The nourishing face oil- gently infused with rose and rose geranium: is specially formulated for dry or damaged skin and helps to revitalise tired skin. Deep Moisture Day cream: use this to rejuvenate skin, specifically formulated for dry to normal skin Shea butter is used to sooth and soften. Gentle Cleanser: suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Leaves you skin feeling balanced and pure. (Information taken from http://www.pukkaherbs.com)

Pukka skin care

What we say: there is no denying the difference Pukka Herbs skin care made to our skin. We all loved the product (including my mum who I also roped in to trying the firming face oil). Compliments on how good skin was looking happened on more than one occasion to more than one of us. The cleanser leaves skin feeling squeaky clean without the feeling of stripping off the skin.

Pukka was a new brand to two of us and although the others had heard of it this was the first they had used it. In terms of results there is very little at fault with the products but in regards to smell it leaves a lot to be desired. One lf the girls described it as “It is a bit like food that’s good for you, it doesn’t always smell nice but you know its healthy and the results are worth it”. With that said surely there must be something organic that smells nice. One of us would buy it regardless of smell and my mum has snaffled the remainder of my firming oil – claiming she doesn’t know how she lived without it! We all agreed that the oils smell ok and we would all consider repurchasing the oil and recommending it to friends. The smell of the cleanser and balance moisturiser is just not very nice. Despite our unimpressed opinion on the smell, Pukka stick to their word and deliver skin that is feeling ‘balanced and pure’.

Pukka please please find something to lighten the smell, we do love the products but as Leanne summed it up “I have realised smell is everything!”

On the note of smell I can’t recommend the Pukka Herbal Teas highly enough, they smell and taste amazing!! You can discover their range here : pukka tea

Firming face oil £38 here
Nourishing face oil £32 Here
Balancing day cream £25 here
Deep Moisture Day Cream £26 here
Cleanser £11 here

Website: http://www.pukkaherbs.com
Twitter: @pukkaherbs