Sunday Strolling in the Pentlands

lake view

The car was parked at the Flotterstone entrance to the Pentlands. Spending a few hours walking on a Sunday in my life is unheard of. I am usually cuddled in a blanket hungover from the night before. Accompanied by the Boy that likes football, I was to spend the next few hours walking around some of the Pentland area. Car parked, shiny white converse on and my sunglasses, i was ready to go. Feeling bright and bushy tailed we decided to do a walk that if (key word being if) we followed the signs would take us approx 1.5hrs. Easy. Just follow the little blue signs. Not so easy, we got lost after about three. Passing familys, dog walkers, frogs, a fishing lake with boats and a suspected drug deal (my imagination often runs wild) the sun even came out to say hello!

The walk still took about 1.5 hours. After getting back to the car we headed to midlothian Ski Centre for a hot chocolate. Contemplating why we didn’t get out for walks more often we decided its far too easy to get wrapped up in life or a in a blanket when you are hungover. A nice afternoon spent enjoying the greenery of surrounding Edinburgh. I really must do it more often.

For now and Forever