Boot Camp

Brrr it’s zero degrees and I have been spending Tuesday and Thursdays out in the cold. Ok well a bit less dramatic, it has only been for 45 mins each night and safe to say I’ve not felt cold for long! In the sobriety in the start of January, I convinced my mum and sister to join me at … Boot camp, yip, I know, Madness. Complete and utter moment of madness. 6 weeks 3 times a week in the dark and cold doing exercise and not just any excercise but high impact circuits and training. The first session was set as a marker to measure our progress against in 6 weeks time. Jogging, sit ups, push ups, planks, sprints, squats, finished off with a mile run. it was tough going but It’s now week 2 and I feel a difference already. As difficult as it is at the time, the buzz after you push yourself harder than you ever have is great. The Boot Camp is led by Kieran (founder of the New Town Fitness Hub). Kieran runs different boot camps across the city and is also available for personal training. His contact details can be found on the website. new town fitness hub

The beach in summer time – no chance of a photo in the dark winter
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If you need a kick up the backside to get fit and push you to your goals I would recommend a boot camp class. There is no way I would push myself as much without it. Oh and that buzz I mentioned that happens directly after… It vanishes the next day when every muscle in your body hurts. No pain no gain!

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