Hot holidays – If I was a rich girl

This months rich girl post is focused on holidays! and traveling in style.  I nipped over to Pintrest to grab some holiday inspiration.  If I came into money real soon I would actually fly to Australia to surprise my wee sis! but this is make believe and in make believe she would be traveling to these exotic place with me.

The sea, the luggage, the jet, the cocktails, oohhh the glamour! did I say the Luggage!



Pinterest Rich Girl Travel

Pinterest Rich Girl Travel


rich girl destinations Maybe I would fly the jet and then when I got bored or tired someone else would take over whilst I retired to my private cabin.  Or flying first class with virgin and enjoy the delights of their cocktail bar with friends – just like Sex and the City!  Weeks spent relaxing by pools and white beaches and the ocean and weekends spent discovering exciting cities.  I would also  visit China and Iceland and go back to America.


Jade xx