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Elemis Freshskin Skin Glow Exfoliating face wash – Part of my spa at home reviews What they say: The freshskin range is aimed at the teens to twentys market. Containing cherry powder and jojoba beads, this gentle facial exfoliator clenses … Continue reading

Changing Seasons and International Fashion Weeks

September is the month that summer officially ends. A month that sees us stress about the content of our wardrobe “too summery”, “too wintery”, “i need new boots” and “where are those tights” are all common cry’s when deciding what to wear at this time of year. We regretfully pack away the white summer dress that became see through in the rain and take off the amazing sandals we purchased and continued to wear, even although every second step was to dodge a puddle. The sheer determination of British girls to wear summer clothing when our summer days often consist of four seasons in 14 hours is commendable. The world says summer therefore we pack away tights, heavy knitwear and coats until September (my boots made a reappearance in august). Even if the summer was spent freezing in a dress, dreaming of cosy nights in, hot chocolate and fires, we still feel a little sad to pack away summer wardrobes in preparation for winter.

Among the angst that is our seasonal wardrobe changeover, there is … drum roll please… International Fashion Weeks! Deciding what knitwear to buy is quickly redirected to wondering what catwalk looks will determine the fashion of spring/summer 2013. September and February of every year without fail make me wish i was

a) taller

b) slimmer

c) younger and

d) a whole lot more fashionable.

In all honesty while i cuddle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and watch the coverage of fashion week my main wish for summer 2013 is to have a summer full of sunshine (and maybe a Chanel handbag).

We do have some cracking sunsets during summer. Pictures taken with my Iphone 4s from the radical road at arthurseat , Edinburgh.

calton hill from arthurseat



This one is my fav! no istagram, no filters just an iphone 4s and my wonderful city

For now and forever