Spa at home – best bits

That’s me reached the end of my spa at home reviews. We had such fun trying out the range of products and discovered new must have beauty essentials. Each of our favourites are listed below:

Leanne Neal and Wolf Harmony hair treatment

Charis – could only narrow it down to three : Neal and wolf harmony hair treatment, Clarins body tonic scrub and Clarins foot treatment .

Yvonne – Clarins foot treatment and Pukka Face Oils

Eeeekkkkkk I found it so so difficult to narrow down my favourites. My ultimate fav product had to be Balance me beauty Stellar Face balm. Closely followed by the noble Isle bath and shower gels and I also really liked the effects of the Milkshake whipped cream conditioning treatment. All of the brands on my favourites list were new to me and I am so glad I got the opportunity to discover them.

I would like to thank the girls for helping me out, you have been great fun and provided lots of giggles. Let’s do it again soon!

For now and forever
J x

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