100 Happy Days – Rave

We are exactly 100 days into 2014.  My news feed on twitter, instagram and facebook have been full of #100happydays photos since the start of the year.  For those that started on the first day of 2014 today will be their last photo.  I didn’t take part for a couple of reasons.  Today is also exactly 100 days since my Grandad passed away, so the start of the year has been tough at times.  I also think I would struggle with finding a photo to post everyday – ok maybe I wouldn’t.   I am not going to dwell or feel sad about the amazing man we lost at the start of the year and I am not going to bore you all by posting 100 photos of 100 happy things.   One of the things that has made me happiest this year was coming across a photo I didn’t realise I had.  Each and every day over the past 100 I have been happy and thankful for the lifetime of memories I have of us together.

My Grandad at my Graduation

My Grandad at my Graduation


Jade x

A change of Name, A change of heart and a new start!

A change of Name, change of heart and a new start, love heart glass

I decided that after a year and a half it’s more than time to say goodbye to diamondsandfaith.com and start a fresh chapter. It is something that has been on my mind for a while now and the name just … Continue reading